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Nordisk kunst Plattform is proud to present Debbie Lawson's sculptures in her first Scandinavian exhibtion.

Debbie Lawson’s sculptures and wooden panels take you on a journey through the psychological landscape of the domestic interior, where popular narratives and personal histories are intertwined and the imaginary and real merge.

In her work she splices together household objects and soft furnishings, creating animated hybrids with a quietly sinister inner life and aspirations to be bigger than themselves. These sculptures play on the cultural traditions surrounding objects found in the home. A Persian carpet explodes into a full-blown blood-splattered household catastrophe; a mop gets a spaghetti makeover; an aspidistra smoulders in the heat of sublimated emotion and a humble toilet pedestal mat becomes a sun-kissed desert island.

In Lawson’s most recent series of work, using Persian-style carpet and altered found objects, the physical structure of furniture is pushed to the point of parody, mocking its starchy pretensions and aesthetic ideals, and lending it a cartoon-like quality. The result is that the 'living room' becomes a literal manifestation.

In her exhibition at Nordisk kunst Plattform Space, Lawson’s works will be surrounded by the vintage wallpaper patterns of the old train station. In this old-fashioned space, the sculptures will destabilise the domestic framework, transforming it into a hallucinatory, highly charged atmosphere.

Debbie Lawson was born in Dundee and lives and works in London. She received her Masters degree from the Royal College of Art in 2004 and is represented by Nettie Horn.





This exhibition has been made possible with generous support from The British Council.